Pakistani Schools

Victory Children’s Homes is endeavoring to change the nation of Pakistan through the education of its children..

Some years ago, we noticed a number of children roaming the streets on school days. Asking them why they weren’t at school, the children explained that their parents could not afford to send them to school. (In Pakistan and many other poor nations, each family must pay to send their children to school, so, sadly, many children are illiterate.


We decided to start schools in this dangerous nation and make free education available for all. Today, we are working towards larger buildings for the schools, believing they will quickly triple the number of students once we have the room.

Currently, we have 7 schools with 75-100 or more students in each school.

Hazel's Place School

Hazel's Place Christian school, Lahore Rural Region

Education is power, and by providing free education to the children of this nation they will grow up with a greater understanding of the world around them and the ability to make a change in their generation..

Not only has Victory Children’s Home’s worked in this partnership to open schools, but we have endeavored to open Vocational Schools to give a trade to men and women to support their families. Giving a woman a trade, such as sewing, gives them hope for a way out of their poverty, despair and dangerous circumstance, as well as their children.

It is from these same neighborhoods that the uneducated kids are selected for training as militants in terror organizations such as Al Qaeda and Isis. By providing free education, plans to torment, murder, and steal from the people in this troubled nation will be wiped out in a generation. A simple gift of education  is power and life; it is one way that we are making a difference in Pakistan, one child at a time.

We also sponsor Victory Bible Colleges in these schools by offereing one extra year of schooling which is dedicated to studing the Bible. 

These schools are in need of financial support to help them to continue to grow and reach the children in these areas. Please consider supporting one of these schools today.