Kenya Children's Homes

The Victory Family Home of Champions, Kenya is located by Lake Victoria in the out skirts of Kisumu.

Victory Children's Home houses and educates about 400 children, ranging from 5 years to over 18 years of age that are either orphaned or from very poor families. All of the children attend the nursery school, primary school and high school located within the Victory Children's Home complex..

When we took over the running of the Victory Children's Home in March of 2013, the complex was in dire need of upgrading. The complex sits on about two acres of land, a five minute walk to beautiful Lake Victoria and has many buildings which house the orphanage and school.


We have been working hard to rebuild this home and make it a safe and happy place for the children to live.  We have many needs that you could help us with:

  • More repairs to buildings
  • New school supplies are needed
  • Improvements to the science lab need to be made
  • We want to introduce and complete a computer lab
  • Expansion of our Life Skills Program

There are always more opportunities available than there are people to fill them. If you have a heart to serve and help the children and staff of this home then there is a place for you.

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