Our Mission

Many children in many countries around the world find themselves without any living relatives. These children are destined to disaster if left on the streets of the city to fend for themselves. Many of these poor children are exploited sexually or put in work camps.

VCHIF was founded in 2005 by Dr Hazel Lurline Hill, an Australian born Canadian who has 40 years of experience on the mission field.

Victory Children’s Homes, in partnership with people like you who have a heart for the world's children, endeavours to build children’s homes and schools in as many nations as is needed, to give a safe home, pure drinking water, food, clothing, medical attention, education and loving arms to hold them. We endeavour to create family for these little ones wherever they are found. Our intent is not to bring our North American culture to the nations, but to work within the frame work of the culture and its people.

"Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." - James 1:27

We have been working to rescue orphans and care for widows for over 35 years. We have built several orphanages and have set up schools for underprivileged children in many nations around the world. Our heart is to help the helpless, the children and older widowed women that have no one to care for them. We strive to make each orphanage self-sufficient within 5 or 6 years by planting gardens, growing fruit trees, breeding livestock and teaching all the children English and a trade.

Education is power in any nation and English is an International language. Our hope is to see children grow up and help change their nation for the better. We set up Life Skills Training Program on the orphanage properties so the children can learn trades. We have a Post-Secondary Education Program that helps to provide college and university opportunities to those children who wish to seek a higher education. Our Transition Program helps the children we care for transfer from high school and life at the children’s home to becoming self-sufficient and able to fend for themselves. We have a Victory Bursery fund where kind hearted people donate money for further education, especially for orphaned children

“We are not giving them a hand out, but a hand up and out of poverty and humiliation. We do not give people a fish, but a hook so that they can catch their own fish"- Dr. Hazel Hill

This vision to help the helpless was first born in the heart of God and impregnated into the heart of Dr. Hazel Hill when she first went to Africa and Asia and saw little children living on the streets, begging for a piece of bread, or taken advantage of by pimps and pedophiles. She was moved to not just be sorry, but to rise up and do something about it. This has opened the doors to a mission field that is in desperate need of our time, talent and money. It is a mission that cannot be done by one person, but has also opened the doors for many people with the same heart to reach the world’s children.

We are always looking for people with a heart big enough to encompass the world to partner with us, to help reach the world's children. We need your prayers and your financial support.

Lets change the world together, one child at a time.