Life Skills

Victory Children’s Homes Foundation feels that our job is not finished once a child reaches the age of 18. Therefore it is our mission to establish various Life Skills Programs, Post-Secondary Programs and Transitional Programs at every children’s home that we have. These programs helps the children to learn how to manage their money, teaches them basic skills about living on their own and how to be a good employee and provides them with post-secondary education, should they desire to go on to university or college.

Life Skills Program

Our Life Skills Program is established on site and offers training in carious skills. Our children’s Home in Kisumu Kenya currently offers training in the following fields and is looking to expand the program to many other fields:

  • Housekeeping/Cleaning
  • Cooking and Food Preparation
  • Sewing and Design
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  •  Carpentry
  •  Welding
  • Repair

We will be establishing a new Life Skills Program at our Children’s Home in Rwanda shortly and hope to soon have one established in every nation where we have a home.

Transition Program

Our Transition Program is aimed at graduates from the Victory Christian School. The program assists graduates in becoming registered with the government and receiving their ID as well as gaining work experience so that they are able to become valuable assets in their community.

In conjunction with the Life Skills Program and Post-Secondary Education Program our students are well cared for and provided with the tools that they need to create the futures that they aspire to and to reach their dreams.

We continue to support our children through these programs and seek to partner with others who will help to see these kids reach their full potential.

The funding for this home is acquired through the donations and sponsorship's from kind hearted people such as yourself. Please consider partnering with us and these children in providing them with bright futures. 100% of all donations go to their designated areas.

Post-Secondary Education Program

Many of our older kids have the potential and the drive to become doctors, lawyers and many other kinds of professionals. Without support they will never achieve that dream. Therefore, our Post-Secondary Program helps our kids receive college and university training that will enable them to reach those goals. We need sponsors who will partner with these young adults to help them reach their full potential.

Because of the need for support, Lori Peters, has also established a ministry called Sew Love. Sew Love provides life skills and education for our children and youth through the sale of beautiful textiles, handcrafted by our employees, children and other volunteers.

Through the sales of products from Sew Love, we help to raise money for the education of our children.