India Children's Homes

As funds are available for the Indian projects, the Indian projects are financially supported.

Under the registered name of Love India we currently have two orphanages in India that are housing and caring for approximately 70 children from the ages of 4 to 17. These homes are for orphaned girls, or girls abandoned to the streets to sell themselves at a young age to put food in their mouths.

Love India provides these girls with a safe and loving home, a good education and a chance to excel and achieve their greatest dreams.


We also have several schools in the slum areas to educate children who otherwise would be illiterate. These slum schools provide the children with food, necessary medical attention and an education.


Life is very difficult for poor young girls in India and we consider our efforts as a rescue mission. Dowry deaths still occur in India where young women are burned to death because they can no longer bring dowry money to their mother-in-law.

Guided by Dr. Hazel Lurline Hill, Victory Children's Homes Director, sewing schools have been established across the nation. These schools have been set up so that young girls and women can learn a trade by which they have a means of producing income. This income is often used to pay for dowries and therefore prevents bride burning. These women are also learning to work with oil paints and to learn different hand crafted skills. This will help them produce oil paintings and various kinds of hand crafted works for sale.