Myanmar Children's Homes

We have just opened a new Children’s Home in Myanmar, Asia. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is in South East Asia and is bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. Myanmar has had continual turmoil and political unrest. For this reason there are many orphaned or abandoned children within the nation. Women have been raped and killed, babies and children have been abandoned and we have taken this opportunity to take in these children and give them a loving home where they can come to know the love of Christ.

We were thrilled to welcome 25 boys and 25 girls to this new home! All the children are between the ages of 3 and 16 years old and under the oversight of Pastor John Albert, our national overseer in Myanmar. The children were timid and afraid when first brought in, but have settled and are excited to be in their new home. Each child has their own bed, new clothing and healthy meals to fill their bellies as well as having all of their education, medical and dental needs looked after. Since their arrival, the kids have been playing, laughing and singing. They were very excited to start school as well. For some, this will be their first time at school and they couldn’t wait!

There is a great need here right now and we are excited to be able to provide a safe and loving home to these children. As this is a new project there are many needs that will have to be looked after.