Haiti Schools

The Victory ministry of Haiti advancing and changing the people. We currently have:

1-) 35 primaries schools

2-) 14 secondaries schools

3-) Attendance 5,600 students

4-) Vocational And Life Skills Training:

Over the last two years we have been working on developing a post-secondary project skills school / professional school training for when our students complete high school. This vocational school is planned to be located in the northside of Haiti. We need your support to complete the building construction and get the equipements needed.

As of now, we have approximately 1700 students that have completed their high school and are waiting for the completion of the vocational school. They have no other opportunity to go anywhere for career training.  What we plan to teach in the vocational school:  Skilled Masionary trade to build houses. Tailor/Seamstress, and Computer Sciences.

5-) Daily Feeding Program:

The Haitian government does not provide for the basic needs of their children.  Many of the school children face serious difficulties because of the economic strain on the family.  School fees, daily needs and feeding the family takes a toll on the children.  Some children quit school because they are so focused on finding something to eat.  

Lunch programs in the school act as a magnet to get children into the classroom, however there are still many children who do not benefit from this.  Giving a child three meals per day would help that child stay focused on their studies rather than their stomachs.  Feeding one child takes just $3.00 per day, $15.00 per week, $60.00 per month and $720 per year.

Sponsoring a child for $60.00 a month is just one way of helping Victory schools Haiti.

6-) New project Libraries program is planned for each of our Schools for 2021, however we need help for that to happen. Now we have approximately 200,000,000 books in a depot in Haiti as a donation from the parliamentary foundation of the Quebec Gouvernement.

Haitian Schools for Orphans - Education is Power!

Haitian orphaned children receive an education.  To break the circle of poverty we must educate! Teachers are always needed on the field.
If God is leading you to give some time to teaching in our schools, please contact us today.