Pakistan Kiln Workers

Pakistan Kiln workers are enslaved in a cycle of poverty earning $2.00 a day making bricks with their bare hands, both parents and all their children.

Children are taken by Kiln bosses to repay a parents loan.

The man with the blue turban on his head is a single parent who took a loan from the Kiln boss so he could take one of his children who is epileptic to a doctor. The boss raised the interest on the loan so much this father could never ever hope to pay it back and spends his nights crying for his daughters. The boss came and took his two daughters, who are now enslaved in the bosses house and at the bosses will.

Not only have I started a school for these illiterate children caught in this trap, but I wish to redeem these two girls and others back from this life of horror, imprisoned by Kiln bosses. The redemption price can be up to $2.000.00. But we try for less.

Any help we can get is a blessings and will help rescue kids from the sex trade and child labor and poverty.


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