Cambodia Schools

Victory Christian Academy in Poipet, Cambodia was founded in 2012 by Harley and Makara Voogd. Our mission is to provide a higher standard of Christian education to Poipet's poor. Currently, the education system in Cambodia is not sufficient to educate the nation's children. There are numerous private schools being built around the country, but only the wealthiest of families can afford to send their children to one of those schools.

Over 38% of Cambodian children drop out of school before completing their primary education. The reasons vary, but often it is due to the fact that they are needed at home to help the family earn an income or to help take care of the their younger siblings.

Our program is designed to help families by enabling them to keep their kids in school. We offer high quality education at low cost, and by providing a good solid meal to each student every school day. We also allow the kids to come to school early in the morning so that their parents can go to work.


The Victory Christian Academy, working alongside the local church, provides a higher standard to the poor by supplementing the public school system with additional education in various subjects, such as: Bible, English, Math, Science, Life Skills, Art, and Khmer (the Cambodian language). In 2015 the school has seen some rapid growth, and so, we need more sponsors!

We are currently in the process of completing construction on a new building. The new building will be able to house more students and have more classes. We have 65 students right now, but the need is great and before long we will be able to fill our new building.

Our school is funded through generous sponsors such as you. Please sponsor one child to attend our school. All the money goes towards the school and covers the costs of the teacher’s salary, the child’s school supplies, one hot meal for the child each school day, and special events.

Please consider sponsoring one of the children or passing this information along to someone you think might be interested.

Also, visit our SCHOOL WEBSITE for more information on this school.