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On March 1, 2013, Victory Children’s Homes Foundation took over a broken down orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya, that could no longer support the children under their care. The home is now flourishing and has been renamed, Victory Family Home of Champions, Kisumu! The name is important, we want our kids to feel like they are part of a family, not orphans, alone and abandoned. Also, they are champions and we feel it is important to impart that into them at a young age, winners and not losers!

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Victory Christian School

We have a flourishing school with approximately 200 children, either orphaned or from very poor families who cannot support them. The home has its own Nursery School; Primary School and High School which is attended by the kids from the home and local area children.

Our vision is to see this school continue to become a vibrant and modern school, offering first rate education. The school has already moved up in the rankings, becoming one of the top performing schools in the area.

We are continually striving for excellence and know that with a good team of staff and teachers to assist our students, they will thrive! There are still many needs at the home:

  • Repairs to buildings
  • New school supplies are needed
  • Improvements to the science lab need to be made
  • A Computer lab is needed
  • Maintaining a strong staff of qualified and dedicated teachers

There are always more opportunities available than there are people to fill them. If you have a heart to serve and help the children and staff of this home then there is a place for you. We need teachers, a nurse and help in many other fields. If you have experience and want to volunteer your time, either short term or long term, please contact us.

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With a new Life Skills Training Program established, we have need of teachers and assistants with all different kinds of skills.

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More Information:

Contact Principal Joel Noah
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 0710990487 (or) 0721856780